Why to choose The Hague for your start-up

Whether it's on a national or on a global scale, The Hague is a rapidly growing hub for innovative start-ups looking to make a difference.

This coastal city is a long-standing home for peace, justice, and political policy-making institutions, which work hand in hand with research centers, academic institutions, and various international organizations. With start-ups occupying more and more of the the business limelight in the Netherlands, The Hague is adapting and evolving to provide its own thriving start-up community.

Legacy for Justice and Peace

The Hague plays a vital role in the European Union and beyond, because it is home to many integral institutions such as: Europol, The International Criminal Court, and The International Court of Justice. Having these organizations there means that there are many skilled workers who have unparalleled experience in the fields related to those institutions.

As a result, many impact-based start-ups that focus on social change have started to positively utilize this. Accordingly, the local and national governments are channeling increasing amounts of resources and funding into this trend of ‘impact entrepreneurship,’ through which The Hague receives growing interest from the EU and impact-based enterprises around the world.

Location and Quality of Life

Like Rotterdam and Amsterdam, The Hague is part of the Randstad, which is a megapolis (city cluster) headed by four major Dutch cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. This makes The Hague very well connected not just within the Netherlands, but also globally given that each of these four cities has international transport links as well.

Like Rotterdam, The Hague has the renowned TU Delft (Technical University) less than 15 minutes away. In effect, the prowess of this technical institution provides vital research opportunities and deepens the pool of local talent available in The Hague.

When it comes to the quality of life, The Hague offers a friendly and peaceful balance. The population and tourism rates are lower than the Dutch capital and Rotterdam, which enables life to move at a slightly less intense pace. Moreover, the nearby coastal region of Scheveningen is one of The Hague’s eight districts, which offers long sandy beaches and a natural dune park that spans miles up the coastline. This close availability of nature is a unique major city feature in the Netherlands, and offers a calming and welcoming harmony to the bustle of city life.

Start-up hub

As the start-up community continues to thrive, The Hague has played host to some vital events that provide auspicious networking opportunities. The fact that these events are choosing The Hague as their host city shows its potential as the start-up capital of Europe.

Frequent Networking Conventions

  • This year, the city boasted its 5th edition of Impact Fest, which is the biggest impact based meet-up in Europe and connects impact-driven (those motivated toward social change) business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide.

  • Recently, Get In The Ring has substantiated its presence in The Hague by getting a central office in the city where they run a global start-up competition. The point is to give budding entrepreneurs a chance at worldwide recognition, as well as supporting and advising them to ensure their efforts reap the highest rewards; both socially and economically.

Companies and Organizations

Events are good for networking, but only if you’re meeting companies and organizations that can help further your business ventures. The following part outlines a few need-to-know names that operate out The Hague and help start-ups gain momentum.

  • ImpactCity is the big one that you have to know about. Their work utilize the legacy of peace and justice that The Hague is renowned for to focus on innovations for a better world. Their purpose is to offer access to funding, networks, advice, and resources, specifically for scale-ups and start-ups that are impact-focused.

  • World Startup Collective is a global entrepreneurship platform encouraging sustainability innovation with one of the top accelerator programs in Europe.


In order tho help you get your funding in The Hague, here are a few sources that you can begin your search with. After having a look at the companies mentioned above, it is worth investigating how The Hague Business Agency can advise you on the best route for funding. In the meantime, here are some other organizations worth having a look at: VenturesOne, the Hague Fund Investment Group, and FMO Entrepreneurial Development Bank.

Despite the historically unassuming nature of the city of The Hague, it’s undeniably clear that things are gaining momentum here for start-ups. As interest grows, funding, networking, and business opportunities are becoming more readily available. Now is the time to get involved…