07 July | 2021
4 Tips for Optimizing your Marketing Funnel and Sales Funnel
In order to have your funnels working effectively, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Therefore, this article discusses the 4 most important things for optimizing the marketing and sales funnels of your business.
05 July | 2021
What is a Sales funnel and How Does it Work?
If you open your first contact with a sales offer, you’re like one of those unannounced door-to-door sales persons whose obvious interest is not helping the customer, but closing the sale. So, only those potential customers who have moved through your marketing funnel enter into your sales funnel.
18 June | 2021
How to Create an Effective Marketing Funnel
So you’ve got your team, product, funding, and business operations ready to go. What’s next? Making your sale(s) of course! While you can make those sales in your store, these days most products and services are sold online.
02 March | 2021
How to Perfect your Marketing Plan for 2021
With 2021 in full swing, it’s high time to put the final touches on your marketing plan for the year.
11 February | 2021
How to Make a Customer Journey Map
In your customer journey map, you visualize all the touchpoints – potential interactions between customers and your organization – from your customers’ perspective.
10 February | 2021
The Customer Journey – Part 2: From the Delivery to the Ambassador Phase (6–9)
As we explained in this article, understanding your customers’ journey is essential when you’re a customer/client-oriented organization.
04 February | 2021
The Customer Journey - Phase 1 - 5: From Customer Needs to the Purchase
The journey that leads your customers to your organization and ultimately binds them to you not just as customers/users but even as ambassadors is very useful to map out.
02 February | 2021
The 4 C and the SIVA model for a Customer-oriented Marketing Mix
In our previous article, we discussed drafting a marketing plan according to the 4, 6, or 7 Ps of the marketing mix.
29 January | 2021
The Marketing Mix – 4 Ps, 6 Ps or 7 Ps?
When it comes to creating your marketing strategy and writing a marketing plan, the marketing mix is a convenient tool to describe how you’ll use your marketing tools.
27 January | 2021
How to Draft a Powerful Modern Marketing Plan
Similar to business plans, many feel that marketing plans belong to the history bin.
10 December | 2020
Online Marketing: The 6 most Important SEO Practices for Startup Entrepreneurs
Did you hear this one before? “What’s the best place to hide a body?” Answer: “On the second page of Google search results.”
09 December | 2020
What is Color Marketing and How Do I Use it to My Advantage?
On the surface, a can-do everything company sounds like a dream partner to work with. However, besides the fact that this can of course never is true – particularly as a startup or scale-up – most people actually prefer to work with specialists in their field.
07 September | 2020
An introduction to Digital Marketing. Part 4: Digital Marketing Objectives, Understand and Develop Your Own
In this digital marketing post, we will focus on marketing objectives and effective methods to define and develop them.
20 August | 2020
An introduction to Digital Marketing. Part 3: the 3i Methodology – Initiate, Iterate, Integrate
One of the main principles of Digital marketing is the so-called 3i methodology, namely “Initiate,” “Iterate,” and “Integrate.”
20 August | 2020
An introduction to Digital Marketing. Part 2: Inbound and Outbound Strategies
If you made it this far, you are probably curious to learn about the best digital marketing strategies to grow your business and reach new customers.
20 August | 2020
An introduction to Digital Marketing. Part 1: How to Use Social Media and Web Platforms
Marketing is a term that is familiar to most of us. Especially if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you realize soon enough that marketing your product or service effectively is one of the most important things to do to attract your new customers.
11 August | 2020
Growth Hacking for Dummies
If you are into startups, you have probably heard about growth hacking already. Although growth hacking is often described as the most effective method to expand your business, when it comes to explaining what it really is, it is hard to find clear answers.