14 May | 2021
How to Overcome the Hurdles of Doing Impact Business as a Hybrid Organization
This article tackles the key hurdles that you need to overcome when conceiving and developing sustainable entrepreneurship. In this, we’ll explain how hybrid organizations offer a solution for walking the impact business line between charity and commerce.
14 May | 2021
What Are the Best Impact Facilitators for Sustainable Start-ups and Scale-ups in the Netherlands?
With this increased need for sustainable industry solutions, many sustainable start-ups are continuing to answer the call. In order to support these ventures, an abundance of funding and support from impact-based accelerators, incubators, and hubs has become available in the Netherlands.
19 April | 2021
Predicting the Future: Short-Term and Long-Term Goals
Setting goals is a reliable approach to achieve your ambitions, and helps to efficiently organize your time in striving towards your most fulfilling future.
13 April | 2021
5 Simple but Effective Remote Activities for Team Building
Breaking routines lets everyone see a different side of one another. In effect, you automatically communicate more familiarly and collaborate more naturally.
26 January | 2021
How to Effectively Onboard New Employees in Remote Working Environments
It’s always tricky to introduce new employees effectively, but in a remote working situation, onboarding requires even more planning and dedication.
01 December | 2020
The Most Important Fiscal Changes for Entrepreneurs in 2021
The financial announcements for 2021 were already made a month ago during Prinsjesdag, but what is it for you as startupper that changes next year? And what about the years after that?
30 November | 2020
List of Startup Hubs in the Netherlands
Looking beyond the capital, it will come as no surprise that the whole country offers an abundance of opportunity for entrepreneurs and startups.
19 November | 2020
List of Amsterdam Start-up Incubators, Accelerator & Hubs
Amsterdam has an enviable economic ecosystem, bustling to the brim with start-up life. The city may be quaint and forgiving on the eye, but business in the capital is nothing short of bold.
16 November | 2020
Accelerators, Incubators & Hubs – What Is the Difference and Why Do We Need Them?
It’s easy – and sometimes also fun – to throw around business terms like leaves in the wind. However, when you’re trying to finance your new venture, you need to know exactly what it is you’re asking for, where you can get it from, and what the conditions are.
10 November | 2020
Why Choose Rotterdam for Your Start-up?
Rotterdam – Amsterdam’s trendy younger brother. The city was drastically rebuilt after fatal bombings in World War II, replacing a once quaint and practical city with vibrant, innovative and inspiring architecture.
05 November | 2020
Why to Choose The Hague for Your Start-up
Whether it's on a national or on a global scale, The Hague is a rapidly growing hub for innovative start-ups looking to make a difference.
03 November | 2020
Why to Choose Amsterdam for Your Start-up
Amsterdam is alluring for many reasons, but the most important one for us is that Amsterdam is one of the most supportive places for start-ups to build their company.
02 November | 2020
Why to choose the Netherlands for Your Start-up
As a relatively small country comprised of quaint architecture, meandering canals, and very tall people, the Netherlands may seem like an unassuming place to substantiate your business.
02 October | 2020
Maximizing Productivity – Management: Things Managers Need to Know
The average person spends 30% of their lifetime, or 90.000 hours, at work. The obvious implication of this is that work is a major part of our life, so we better make it meaningful and enjoyable whenever possible.
25 September | 2020
Maximizing Productivity - The Role of Sports in the Workplace
As the European Week of Sport dawns on us again, it seems only suitable to explore the benefits of solo and team sports in a business environment.
22 September | 2020
Maximizing Productivity: Organization Structures – Flat vs. Hierarchical
If you are starting an online or physical business, you should adapt your organization structures to get the high voltage output that you require. Before proclaiming that we should have "out with the old" and "in with the new," it’s important to understand their differences and consider why new systems may have favorable outcomes for your start-up.
22 September | 2020
Monday.com: An Inspirational Story of Success
Monday.com is an operating system aimed at managing teams and organizing workflow. Although it isn’t the only society offering this kind of service, it has quickly become a leading company in the sector.
15 September | 2020
Maximizing Productivity – Understanding Coworking Spaces
With vast access to information in our current epoch, it’s inexcusable to ignore that work structures are changing and if you want to start your own business, understanding new approaches are vital; especially if you want to maximise productivity.
11 August | 2020
From the back of a Napkin to Reality: How to Validate Your Business Idea in 5 steps
When you have an idea for a new business, everything may seem perfect and great at first, especially when the project is just a sketch drafted on a napkin or on a piece of paper.
06 July | 2020
How to Find the Right Business Partner for your Startup
Are you looking for someone who can help you with your business? Do you need someone to share the pleasures and pains of a venture with? You have arrived at the right place to learn how to find a suitable business partner.
06 July | 2020
How to Find Your First Customers
Finally, the moment to officially launch your startup has come. Everything is ready and only one thing is missing to start the engines and run for success: your first customers and/or clients.
05 July | 2020
The Seven Most Important Components of a Good Business Plan
Are you looking for a guideline to write a good business plan? Do you need some tips to nail the most complicated sections of this document? Then you have come to the right place, welcome!
05 July | 2020
How to Write a Good Business Plan
A business plan is a formal document describing the characteristics and the financial forecasts of a commercial venture.
05 July | 2020
Running a Business from Home? Tips to Help You Manage Your Time More Effectively
Let me guess, you are relatively young and at some point in your life, you decided to become your own boss. So, here you are: another startupper running a business from home.
05 July | 2020
How to Establish a Home-based Business: Practical Tips for Startuppers in the Netherlands
If you are planning to setup your startup in a (spare) room of your house, you’ve come to the right place to find all the information that you need.