Trusted Facilitators and Where to Find Them

What is a facilitator?

A facilitator is a Netherlands-based business mentor with whom you have to stipulate a signed agreement. This key figure must have proven experience in guiding startups and, above all, they must be financially sound. This means that your facilitator may not have a negative equity or, even worse, be (close to) bankrupt.

That latter point is fundamental, since the facilitator acts not only as a supervisor, but also as a financial supporter. One of the conditions that you have to meet for getting a startup Visa is to have enough money to live one year in the Netherlands. If you do not have enough savings yourself, your facilitator could be the one who helps you out by guaranteeing financial support for the duration of your visa.

Finally, keep in mind that the facilitator may not have a majority interest in your startup company and that he/she may cannot be a relative of yours up to the third degree; so, no parents, children, uncles/aunts, or grandparents of yours can function as your facilitator.

Where can I find a trusted facilitator?

If there are no experienced Dutch entrepreneurs within your circle of friends and collaborators, the website of the RVO offers you a list of trusted facilitators that are currently available.