List of Amsterdam Start-up Incubators, Accelerator & Hubs

Amsterdam has an enviable economic ecosystem, bustling to the brim with startup life. The city may be quaint and pleasing on the eye, but business in the capital is nothing short of bold.

Serious developments have catapulted Amsterdam to No.16 in KPMG’s 2019 Survey and predict Amsterdam to be a leading tech and innovation hub in the next four years. Yet, many would claim that it already is! In the article on accelerators, incubators and hubs, we explained that a hub is an area of a varying size where people are united over a common interest i.e. tech innovation, sustainable business, impact startups etc…

Accordingly, Amsterdam has become a hub for (startup) innovation and tech, so we’re going to take a look at some of the key players that helped make this happen.


  • Founded in 2011, this was one of Europe’s first start-up accelerators.
  • Efforts are centered around domain-focused VC with follow-on growth funding.
  • Specialist in areas of Energy, Health, Agrifood, and Emerging Tech.
  • Invested in over 200 start-ups and raised over 89 million euros in funding.

Startup in Residence

  • Founded in 2015 with a dedication to connecting start-ups with government and municipalities.
  • They help improve and refine innovative thinking and work approaches, as well as developing products and services by offering consultancy.
  • Proud to have helped over 30 start-up programs already.

IXA – Innovative Exchange Amsterdam

  • This organisation exists as a mediator and assistive interface between institutional research and externally interested parties.
  • They help to make research practically available to companies that need it, and assist in directing research toward societal and economic ends.
  • Works in close collaboration with Amsterdam University Medical Center, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Universiteit van Amsterdam, and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Ace Incubator

  • Helps with both starting out and scaling up of companies.
  • Focus is directed toward knowledge-based startups.
  • Offers service providers, experienced community, valuable networking opportunities, and investment.

Start-up Village

  • Provision of a workspace hub since 2016.
  • Cheaper offices and shared working spaces for those with business ventures in tech and science.
  • Grows rapidly each year and has doubled in size over the last three years – a serious mark of success.
  • Works in close collaboration with incubators to offer affordable office space and an auspicious work environment.

Impact Hub Amsterdam

  • Global impact hub with many international networking opportunities.
  • Provides not only access to networks but also a successful accelerator program.
  • Has played a key role in helping over 1000 entrepreneurs startup, grow, and scale-up in the field of impact business.

Adyen Accelerator

  • With renowned startup beginnings, Adyen now offers a highly competitive weeklong accelerator program.
  • At the end of the one-week program, the best start-up up gets a unique prize, and further opportunities to work alongside Adyen.

Johan Cruijff ArenA

  • As a subdivision of the sports aren, this business giant has moved toward helping innovation and offering business consultancy.
  • Their approach includes utilizing their existing business as a model for future innovative ventures.
  • Their approach is divided into 6 sectors: Facility Management, Fan Experience, Safety & Security, Infrastructure, Customer Security, and Sustainability.


  • Exists as an incubator that focuses on culture.
  • Helpful in both starting up and scaling-up.
  • Typical program length is 6 months, and the incubator team is made up of 5 experienced professionals; curated with the help of ‘Impact Hub Amsterdam’


  • This non-profit organisation is run by young professionals and students.
  • Aims to help both startups and scale-ups through a 5-month accelerator program.
  • The program runs twice a year.

Investment Ready

  • Directs their efforts toward preparing sustainable companies for investment, growth, and maximum impact.
  • Their program runs over 5 months during which they mentors, experts, and program partners to to guide you.
  • Focuses on impact and sustainability.
  • They have also run the well-respected event ‘Investment Ready Program’, since 2014, with increasing interest each year and valuable networking opportunities for both new and growing companies.


  • Founded in 2012 and recently expanded to Utrecht as well.
  • Focuses on sustainability in the startup biome.
  • Offers ‘tailor-made assistance’ through a practical, hands-on approach.
  • Utilizes strategy consultancy and design-based solutions.