List of Startup Hubs in the Netherlands

Looking beyond the abundance of facilities in the capital already, it comes as no surprise that the whole country shares this abundance of opportunity for entrepreneurs and startups.

Because of its compact size, the Netherlands as a whole can be considered a hub with its center being the unique Randstad. This megapolis, or "city cluster," in the south-west links the four major business cities: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague. These are all comprised of distinct but overlapping facilities that make networking, cooperation, and opportunities rife throughout the Netherlands.

But, what is the right place for you? Here we list the most prominent incubators, accelerators, and startup hubs beyond the confines of Amsterdam worth knowing about.

The Hague & Delft

Impact City

  • Their slogan: ‘Doing Good and Doing Business’.
  • Focusses on startups and scaleups that work on making a social impact.
  • Utilizes the legacy of peace and justice in The Hague.
  • Helps to connect startups to the 200+ international organizations and knowledge institutes in the cities.


  • Founded in 2005 as one of the first incubators in the Netherlands.
  • Leading tech incubator in Europe.
  • Help startups to thrive, from their inception all the way to their entry into the business world.
  • Focus on: Blockchain, AI, BioTech, CleanTech, MedTech, EdTech, Aviation, Robotics, and ComplexTech.

Startup In Residence

  • Founded in 2015, they help improve and refine innovative thinking and work approaches.
  • Dedicates its focus toward connecting startups with government and municipalities.
  • They also develop products and services by offering consultancy.
  • Takes pride in having helped over 30 startup programs already.

The Hague Tech

  • Offers a workspace hub that is centered around "proactiveness, professionalism, and openness."
  • Has strong international partnerships with the likes of Brazil, Silicon Valley, and South Africa.
  • Encourages collaborations, international business, and offers co-working and meeting spaces.


Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

  • Europe’s leading center for entrepreneurship.
  • Their approach is to combine the knowledge and network of the University of Rotterdam with entrepreneurial business.
  • Their team consists of over 35 academic trainers and researchers on entrepreneurship, as well as 4 fully-fledged professors.
  • Renowned for their leading entrepreneurship and excellence program.
  • Takes pride in being able to say that they help 100+ entrepreneurs start their company each year.


  • Founded in 2015 as a B2B maritime accelerator for startups and scaleups.
  • Their focus is on innovation in the global maritime community, with a focus on the areas of Energy, Shipping, Ports, and Refinery.
  • Exists as an ecosystem of startups, scaleups, corporate partners, and mentors.
  • Working to "corrupt the status quo," by encouraging and providing novel ways of approaching key business topics.

Forward Incubator

  • Founded in 2018
  • Offers 10-month incubation programs for startups and scaleups.
  • Takes pride in their emphasis on providing incubation to those of a refugee background.
  • Assists newcomers and entrepreneurs through an ‘effective, tailored, and personal’ approach to entrepreneurship.



  • Center for innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Hub for creators across diverse fields from app building to sustainability oriented biologists, and everything in-between.
  • Supported by Leiden University and Hogeschool Leiden.
  • Runs a variety of innovative programs such as Startup Play, where you can test your startup ideas to see their chances of success before launching them, and ELF pre-seed, which focuses on helping recent graduates lift off.
  • Takes pride in being an inclusive organization with a directed focus on entrepreneurship.


Holland Startup

  • Offers funding, guidance, and coaching to startups.
  • Focuses their work on the elementary growth period of startups.
  • Provides "knowledge, experience, and network" to new entrepreneurs.
  • Promises that your startup will reach the proof of concept stage within 3 months, and guarantees that you get your first revenue in 12 months.
  • Funds both startups and established entrepreneurs, and takes pride in their ethos of making entrepreneurship accessible to everyone.