In 2005, Yes!Delft was one of the first incubators that was founded in the Netherlands. With the country’s prime tech university – TU Delft – literally around the corner, Yes!Delft has repeatedly turned “innovative ideas into successful businesses.” As a result, this hub has quickly become the “leading tech incubator in Europe.”

From business idea to scaling up

This hub’s success is a consequence of their hands-on approach, which guides startups in every stage – “from ideation to scaling up.” So, whether it’s about validating your idea, accelerating your startup, or getting your funding sorted out, the programs of Yes!Delft reliably get you there in no time!

A digital hub in The Hague

Because of its rapid success, Yes!Delft opened a second location in The Hague (Den Haag) in 2019. While already having social tech, deep tech, aviation, cleantech, MedTech, and robotics under its wing, the facility in The Hague has added AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Blockchain technology to its repertoire.

In this, Yes!Delft The Hague collaborates with The Municipality of The Hague to offer programs that help guide these digital technologies into our societies. As you might expect, this is a perfect match for the place where finance, legal, peace, justice, security, and IT & tech already come together from all over the world.


At both Yes!Delft facilities, they offer permanent office spaces and flex desks that you use (and pay) part-time. In addition, they invite businesses to become partners, so they can be in direct contact with the frontlines of innovative technology. In both cases, working or partnering – immerses you in a vast and vibrant community that’s been growing and innovating tech for more than 16 years already.

Thus, for all tech fanatics pursuing startup talent, applying for a startup job, looking for a business partner, or wanting to realize their tech startup’s success, Yes!Delft is the home for you to be!