While this started as an initiative of The Hague municipality, since 2020 it has become part of the Startup in Residence: InterGov. As such, this program brings various municipalities, provinces, and governmental departments together. With this combined expertise, this partnership is able to offer startups both diversity and depth in their support.

If you participate in Startup in Residence The Hague, you do so within the vast network that characterizes the city of peace and justice – research and knowledge institutions, NGOs and other international companies, and many fellow creative entrepreneurs.

Urban Challenges

The focus of Startup in Residence is on helping startups that want to tackle urban challenges in the city of The Hague. Such challenges include reducing noise pollution and litter, fostering and streamlining interaction between citizens and democratic representatives, sheltering the homeless, and making the city more accessible to elderly people.

Accordingly, the philosophy is that the out of the box startup mentality is a perfect match for solving issues of an old city such as The Hague. Accordingly, this program invests in the most promising innovations so that innovating startups can realize their prototypes. Moreover, if the prototype turns out successful, the City of The Hague can even be your first real customer.

Startup facilities

During one of the 5-month urban challenge programs, your startup gets all the facilities that you need to kick-start your enterprise. Think of expert and mentor coaching, various trainings in sales, design thinking, and value propositions, and connections to the network of The Hague Municipality. Moreover, your startup will get its own dedicated office space at Apollo 14, the impact startup building of The Hague, so that you’re always surrounded by a network of fellow startuppers and established entrepreneurs.