“The place today for the makers of tomorrow” is the slogan that the PLNT Leiden centre for innovation and entrepreneurship goes by. For PLNT, “the creator of tomorrow” is someone who “sees opportunities and seizes them with both hands,” and “comes up with innovative ideas that contribute to a better world.” With this honorable vision as a starting point, PLNT aspires to help you grow into being “that creator.” For this, they have “everything in-house to develop your ideas” so they can “help you take the first steps towards the future.”

The PLNT community already consists of over 130 people with a creator’s mindset who are spread across many different industries. Via the PLNT network, you can also easily get in contact with researchers, governments, and companies, which has already sprouted close to 50 innovative organizations as a result.


PLNT’s Venture Academy consists of a 4-month program to validate business ideas and prepare them to actually go-to-market. Cool startups that recently went through the PLNT Venture Academy are Student Helpr – the one-stop-platform for international students coming to the Netherlands – and the Architecture of Cure, creator of the Healing Pod – the perfect place to chill and decompress at work or to heal at a hospital.

Turn your startup idea into a business concept during 3 weekly sessions of Startup Play, and learn what it takes to create your own startup. During these sessions, you’ll shape your idea such to make it suit a specific target group and test your idea with this group by making an actual Minimum Viable Product (MVP) out of it.

Through Start Up Play, entrepreneurial specialist Sander Kuin will explore your business ideas with you in order to inspire, activate, and validate them. Subsequently, you’ll make one idea concrete by taking the initial 3 steps of your business: drafting a business model, identifying your core benefit, and developing your value proposition.

Finally, PLNT co-facilitates the ELF Pre-seed funding loan for almost and recent graduates, and offers weekly Online Masterclasses that are perfect to keep learning during these distancing corona times.


In addition to the various programs, PLNT hosts many events. These include business creator oriented hackathons, innovation challenges, lectures, workshops, but also social gatherings such as beer tastings and tapas eating. Altogether, PLNT has already organized over 800 events both online and at their facilities in Leiden.

Event Spaces

No events without event spaces, right? PLNT has various rooms and office spaces available, with capacities ranging from 14 – 170 people:

  • The Henry Ford and Elon Musk rooms – presenting and conferencing in comfort and style
  • The PLNT S and L – green & industrial environments for larger gatherings such as hackathons
  • The Spotlight plenary room – present with show & drama
  • The Reflect room for educational purposes, and the ACT and WHITEbox workshop spaces
  • An inside garden café that can be rented for up to 100 people
  • A spacious roof garden – perfect for drinks and parties of up to 100 people

At “The Field,” a circular built natural reserve located next to the Leiden central station, you can rent:

  • Various home-inspired Tiny Offices – perfect for brainstorm sessions or to get some work done
  • The glass-walled pavilion – working as if you’re outside with the convenience of your own bar and restroom facilities


If you just want the convenience of a regular office to work at, PLNT also offers work desks and 20m2 offices that you can rent on a monthly basis. These workspaces come with the following convenience services: Wi-Fi, access to the conference and boardrooms, reception facilities, a postal address with your own mailbox, and a PLNT community membership.

PLNT Experiences

The PLNT experiences consist of a series of 15-minute interviews with 10 entrepreneurs in Leiden. These interviews tackle startup elements such as funding, competitor analyses, lean strategies, and team dynamics. On the PLNT website, you can watch these interviews in video format, but you can also simply look for “PLNT Experiences” on Spotify and listen to them in podcast format.