This hub is proud to “accelerate the transition to a new economy” through their “Impact Hub network of 17.000 entrepreneurs and innovators in 102+ locations worldwide in 50+ countries spanning five continents.” That’s a mouthful way of saying that Impact Hub Amsterdam is part of a huge global community that wants to make a positive change in the world. Having helped over 4000 startups since 2008 to found, grow, and scale their enterprise, Impact Hub Amsterdam has built an impressive resume!

Sustainable Enterprising

Many startuppers want to make a positive change in the world, but building a sustainable business is easier said than done. Luckily, Impact Hub Amsterdam is well aware of that, and therefore this hub has developed programs to tackle this issue. The Investment Ready Program and the Business Model Challenge, for example, you can follow right at their facility in Amsterdam. In addition, you can benefit from acceleration and co-designing through collaborations with both governmental and corporate organizations from around the world.

While Impact Hub Amsterdam facilitates global networking opportunities to local startups, it also acts as an official facilitator for foreign startuppers, which allows them to apply for a Dutch Startup Visa. Furthermore, SMEs interested in increasing their impact are invited to explore innovation opportunities or to get help for improving the sustainability of their products/services. Finally, Impact Hub Amsterdam shares the experience and insights of sustainable organizations so they can help activate change and accelerate innovative solutions.

Social Capital for Everyone

The vast network of social capital that Impact Hub Amsterdam facilitates is available to anyone! Simply connect your startup or SME so you can start making a bigger impact today. Alternatively, you can become a member on your own so you can access all the new knowledge and be part of a global community that aspires toward a better world.