The ImpactCity platform is all about entrepreneurship for a better world. “As the international city of peace and justice,” ImpactCity holds, The Hague is all about “doing good & doing business,” not just in the city but also on a global scale. Via their platform, ImpactCity makes the unknown known, facilitates experiments and an infrastructure to foster growth, and provides access to relevant networks, capital growth and new talent.

So, “do you want to create a better world by doing business?” Then “ImpactCity is the community of The Hague” that can help you becoming one of those “tens of thousands of people” who is effectively “working towards a better future” too! ImpactCity can connect you with investors for your startup or scale-up to grow successfully, and invites you to join their huge business network via international trade missions, competitions, and various inspiring company locations.

Startup & scale-up

At the Startup section, you can find guidance to get your accommodation in The Hague, from flex offices and temporary corporate housing to permanent living and working places. Besides that, ImpactCity has partnered with various office spaces, startup hubs, and governmental and business agencies to help you get settled in The Hague, and invites you to become a member of their ever-growing international community.

Do you feel that you have a genius business idea at hand? Then have a look at the “Pitch & Awards” section to see how you can improve your pitching skills to present your idea in the best way possible and win one of those pitching awards that can effectively kick start your business! You can also find other ways of financing via ImpactCity, from (pre-)seed funding to business loans and subsidies, and even special investments for pursuits oriented toward environmental and social impact with a financial return.

At ImpactCity you can also find startup tips and get meetings with experienced advisors to guide your startup to success. Finally, through the ImpactCity innovation toolkit, the platform offers a structured guide to make the go-to-market process a little less messy. In this, you can establish your value proposition, get a customer-centric focus by designing for people, learn effective teamwork techniques, and get information and tools on how to establish your customer relations, marketing & sales.

Events, News & Podcast

At the events section, you can find all the upcoming (online) The Hague related events revolving around technology, entrepreneurship, social impact, and creativity. Events of the past were, for example, clinics on pitching and angel investing, demo days, festivals, and academies on various topics.

The ImpactCity news section, in turn, features the ambitions and journeys of the impact makers in their network. In this, ImpactCity seeks to inspire all their fellow impact enthusiasts out there. Furthermore, there are news articles commenting on recent events, offering professional opinions, and detailing new partnerships, innovations and products.

If you feel that you’ve read enough already, rest assured that you can also just relax and have a listen at the Impact Podcast. This is a new section that discusses business topics such as financing, finding talented employees, and how to get your product or service effectively to your customers.