In 2018, this incubator burst on the scene with a forward-thinking vision that focuses on the startupper potential among refugees. With a belief in the refugees’ “potential to build bridges across communities,'' Forward Incubator shows an innovative way for transforming stigmas into successful businesses.

Hands-on incubation from A to Z

Forward Incubator doesn’t play around with its 3-step incubation program, which lasts 10 months from start to finish. At this Incubator, you get the opportunity for entrepreneurial education, validation and incubation of their business idea, and even aftercare to grow your startup into a scale-up.

During the training program, you will be joined by a team consisting of a Forward Incubator facilitator, 2 student consultants, and a business coach. In addition, you’ll get access to workshops taught by corporate partners, experienced entrepreneurs, and professional experts in various fields. Finally, Forward Incubator even “facilitates the relationship between you and your municipality,” so that they can be in contact “with your case manager and assist in filing a BBZ-social welfare application.”

Local community with international connections

So are you a refugee who wants to be immersed in the culturally diverse network localized in Amsterdam? Do you want to make international connections and join a lively community of fellow (refugee) startuppers? Simply reach out to forward Incubator, sign up for their newsletter, or apply for one of their programs right away!