Together with the Erasmus University Rotterdam – “a university founded by entrepreneurs more than 100 years ago” – the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) facilitates startuppers with the skills and knowledge for successful entrepreneurship. With a motivated staff supporting a team of 4 actual professors and more than 35 researchers and trainers in all fields of entrepreneurship, this hub has become “the leading centre for entrepreneurship in Europe” that helps founding more than a hundred startups every year.

Expertise fields

The trainers and professors at the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship carry a wide range of expertise, “varying from strategic leadership, ambidexterity, entrepreneurial finance, (open) innovation management, entrepreneurship economics, and corporate venturing.” Via their Leading Innovation Excellence program, the ECE offers courses on all university levels – Bachelor, Master, and MBA – that annually reach over 10.000 students in various Dutch universities.


Are you looking for a thriving community in Rotterdam to connect your startup to? Then the Erasmus Business Membership is the perfect match because it offers you:

  • A community of fellow startuppers and experienced entrepreneurs that you can spar with, and join for events and drinks on Friday afternoon.
  • A flex-desk in a co-working space, complete with access to event spaces and meeting rooms so that you’ve got everything you need for progressing through your various startup phases.
  • Workshops every month, and accountability meetings with ECE facilitators and established entrepreneurs every 2 weeks

Alternatively, the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship also offers a Virtual Business Membership geared toward helping your enterprise through the corona times. This membership provides you with:

  • Mailbox access and option to use the ECE as a location to register your company at
  • An entrepreneur and startup initiatives network that you can access through Bisner – the ECE’s online entrepreneur’s platform
  • A network of experts and coaches in all entrepreneurial fields that support you in developing your startup into a solid enterprise
  • Optional: accountability sessions with facilitators and entrepreneurial peers on a monthly basis


For “regular” startuppers, the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship has 2 programs:

  • Erasmus Start It Up: a 1-day program to teach you the basics of entrepreneurship and help you through your ideation phase. After the program, you’ll be heading home with a clear idea of how to validate your business idea and what your next steps after that look like.
  • Erasmus Incubation Programme: a program for the already established startupper that gives you the insight and skills to grow your business. In this, you will learn how to reach more customers and increase your professional network, which effectively leads your startup to the scale-up phase.

In addition, there are 2 programs specifically geared toward students and internationals respectively:

  • Talented Student Entrepreneur Programme: for students with a feasible business idea and serious potential for successful entrepreneurship. This program offers personal study advisors and business mentors, access to investors, and a network of both other student entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs and experts. Moreover, you’ll get prioritized in the Erasmus Incubation Programme, and even a free Erasmus Business Membership complete with a co-working space flex-desk.
  • Startup Visa Programme: for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to establish an innovative startup in the Netherlands. In this, you get a facilitator – essential to get your Dutch visa – who will mentor you. In addition, you get an Erasmus Business Membership, entry for the Erasmus Incubation Programme, a flex workspace, and entrepreneurship coaching and workshops.

So, do you want to be one of the yearly 100+ startuppers that launch their company at the ECE? Then make sure to swing by the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship for one of their programs, workshops or events, or simply sign up for the Virtual Business Membership from the comforts of your own home.