4 Small Businesses Ideas to Dream Big

Who told you that to be successful you have to run a big company?

Small business can be profitable too! You don’t have to be the next Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg to get a good earning, for small businesses are a vital and fundamental sector of the economy too. In addition, a country with a strong entrepreneurial vocation like the Netherlands is committed to helping small start-ups with specific schemes and financial help.

There are hundreds of reasons for starting your own small business. Perhaps, you are stuck in a job that no longer satisfies you. Or, maybe you are just feeling that the time has come to take over the reins of your work life.

Whatever your reason, starting a new business – even if it is small – is not a simple venture, and there are several factors you should definitely consider first. Of course, we're not telling you not to be ambitious, but if you want to run your own company, you must be prepared and plan things far ahead.

Above all, it is of crucial importance to choose the right business idea

Too many aspiring entrepreneurs decide to start a company driven by the charm of certain kinds of businesses which may appear more intriguing and cooler than others. But, when the time comes to face the harsh realities of the marketplace, you may realize too late that you have built a product or service that is not suitable for the market. Rather, the best starting point is to recognize the problems that are afflicting the people around you and to figure out how to solve them.

So, if you are a Netherlands-based aspiring start-upper looking for inspiration, here is a list of reliable small business ideas to help you dream big.

1. Bicycle store and repair

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the Netherlands? Some might say windmills, another tulips... but if there is one thing that really characterizes this country, it is the huge number of bikes.

The Netherlands is steady titleholder of being the country with the most bicycles per capita in the whole world. This means that here there are more bikes than inhabitants and that all these bikes need someone to take care of them. If you already know how to fix a bike and cycling is one of your passions, take this option seriously, for there is never a lack of demand!

2. Moving company

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Netherlands is that this country – located in the heart of Europe – is a continuous crossroads of people: students, researchers, entrepreneurs, fortune seekers, and reuniting loved ones. Everyone comes here, everybody is looking for a house and a lot of people in the Netherlands regularly move from one place to the next. Perhaps someone should help them out… Perhaps, that person could be you!

Boxing your own stuff, disassembling furniture, bringing everything into the new home and reassembling the furniture again can be really tiring and stressful. Do you know what that means? It means that a lot of people would pay to have someone do it for them. If you have both manual and organization skills, you could make a fortune in this business.

3. Freelance chef

Everyone loves good food, but not everyone knows how to cook it. If you have such a skill, the time has come to share it with the world and, above all, your future customers. Keep in mind that to be competitive you have to also take care of your food presentation.

Perfect your technique, open a catchy blog, and fill it with mouth-watering photos of your masterpieces. Get a reputation to find new clients. This sector is quite challenging, but the market is vast. A good freelance chef could find job opportunities in several sectors: private and public events, home chef, on a yacht… So, roll up your sleeves and get cooking! Experience and networking are the two most important things in this profession.

4. Freelance creative

Are you a good writer? Are you a good photographer? Are you a good video maker? Someone may need your skills.

These are certainly competitive sectors, which means that you have to be prepared and be flexible. Keep also in mind that you cannot be a good creative without having outstanding edit skills (or knowing an outstanding editor willing to partner up with you). Moreover, editing the works made by others is one of the most prolific sectors of this market.

So, open a blog, take some online courses to improve your skills, and stay updated on the latest creative news. It is not easy, but if you are able to build a solid network and get yourself a good reputation, your customers will arrive. You can become your own boss and conveniently work from home. Yet, if you are serious about your craft, we suggest you consider joining a coworking space in order to make those indispensable connections that establish your place in the job market. Speaking of connections, another good hack is to join our community by subscribing to the startupme.nl newsletter.

How to get started on your business

Starting a new business in the Netherlands may be relatively simple compared to some of the bureaucratic procedures required in other countries. Nevertheless, specific know-how is still essential. If you are looking for practical advice to launch your company, do not worry: Startupme.nl is always here to help you out!

For starters, we suggest to validate your ideas (here are some tips to help you do this), then sketch a reliable business plan (which will come in handy if you decide to apply for schemes or ask for funding). Finally, keep also in mind that your business must be registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK). Regarding the latter procedure, here you can find all the information that you need.

Good luck!